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Because heart disease is the most common cause of death (WHO, 2018) worldwide, it is very important to look after one’s overall heart health. It is also well known that many foods benefit the human heart. In this short post, we will be looking at three heart-related problems that, as recent studies have shown, may be aided by foods that contain probiotics (live, naturally occuring bacteria believed to have many beneficial effects).

Blood pressure

According to a study by American Heart Association, regular consumption of probiotics may modestly improve one’s blood pressure. By analyzing the data of hundreds of adults with normal or elevated blood pressure who consumed probiotics, the researchers found that both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure of the adults lowered over eight weeks. They also found that probiotics with multiple strains of bacteria lowered blood pressure more than single-strain probiotics.


American Heart Association also mentions a study which found that adults who were given probiotic supplements saw their LDL cholesterol levels drop by over 11 percent, compared to those who were given placebo capsules. The overall levels of cholesterol dropped by 9.1 percent in these adults, while the “good” cholesterol levels were unchanged. This means probiotics may be beneficial for patients with cholesterol problems, and therefore for their heart health.


There are many causes of inflammation, most of which are the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. If inflammation happens over a long time, it can become the cause of heart disease. Another study of 127 people found that taking probiotics reduced formation of several inflammatory chemicals. By reducing the formation of these chemicals, the risk of heart disease is also reduced.

Bottom line

Although more research still needs to be conducted, there are some studies that suggest consumption of probiotics (whether from foods like yoghurt or sauerkraut, or supplements like Biopron 9 Premium) may be beneficial in fighting high blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation.

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