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Are Probiotics Good For Urinary Tract Infections?

Urinary Tract Infections, or UTIs, are an infection of the urethra (and if left untreated, the kidneys) that causes burning, painful sensations when urinating. Additionally, people who suffer from UTIs often report a feeling that they need to urinate often, with very little output, pain in the lower back, and abnormal urine.

These infections are a rather common problem, particularly for women; the chances are about 1 in 2 women will experience at least one UTI in their lifetime. In fact, according to the National Institute of Health, UTIs are one of the most treated infections in American emergency rooms. They are the reason for as many as 8.1 million health care provider visits a year.

Many women experience recurring UTIs; even after antibiotic treatment, the infection-causing bacteria remains present and ready to repopulate at any time.


Typical UTI Treatment

Typically, UTIs are treated with a round of antibiotics. The recurrence rate for UTIs is extremely high – 20% of women who have had one UTI will experience another. Recurring UTIs are often treated with a longer course of antibiotics or a strong, single-dose antibiotic that is administered at the first sign of an infection.

The Problem with Typical Treatment

The medical community has found it necessary to explore new treatment options for recurrent UTIs due to the recent appearance of multiresistant bacteria, or strains of bacteria that do not respond to common antibiotics (such as MRSA).  People who experience recurrent UTIs are more prone to complications caused by certain antibiotics, such as the triggering of c.difficile infection—a potentially life threateningly severe inflammation of the colon.  

Doctors and researchers now realize that one of the main reasons bacterial resistance is occurring is thanks in large part to the widespread use of antibiotics. Researching alternatives has become a priority for concerned medical professionals.

What Can Probiotics Do for UTI Patients?

The normal bacterial flora of the human body acts as a barrier against infection. The “good” bacteria in the gut helps properly digest food, produce vitamins, and destroy or inhibit the growth of troublesome bacteria.

Restoring the gut’s microbial flora by taking oral probiotic supplements has been shown to reduce post-antibiotic treatment complications such as diarrhea and c. difficile infections. Probiotic treatment also shows promise in reducing the UTI infection recurrence rate and preventing bacterial resistance to antibiotics. The use of probiotics is the most powerful alternative development for treating chronic infection.


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