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In our last blog posts we looked at a few rumours surrounding the world of probiotics. As myths are always numerous and ever-present, let’s look at some more right now.


Myth #5: “Probiotics shouldn’t be taken along with antibiotics”


It has long been considered a waste to consume probiotics while on antibiotics because of a belief that the latter could consume the former. However, recent studies have shown that certain more robust strains of probiotics are very able to survive and reach your gut flora even if taken along with antibiotics. During antibiotic treatment, these strains can relieve some its side-effects, such as diarrhoea. For best results, doctors recommend to take probiotics three to four hours after a dose of antibiotics, as this is when the probiotic strains are most likely to survive.


Myth #6: “Probiotics shouldn’t be taken while pregnant”


This statement is also incorrect. Latest research shows that many benefits can be taken from probiotic supplements during pregnancy, such as boosting the immune system and supporting proper absorption of nutrients. A mother’s healthy gut flora is also essential for the baby’s overall health.


Myth #7: “Good probiotic supplements are always hyper-expensive”


Not necessarily, as the quality of a probiotic isn’t directly inked to its price. For example, check out Valosun’s Biopron 9 PREMIUM, a balanced combination of nine probiotic strains.


Myth #8: “Probiotics are a scam”


Last but not least, the voice of skepticism. It is easy to dismiss probiotic products as a gimmick promoted only by natural health practitioners. However, there is luckily plenty of scientific research out there supporting the claims of probiotics being strongly beneficial for out health. For more information, check out National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health’s summary of our current knowledge on probiotics.

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