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Welcome to Valosun

Welcome to Valosun US - Healthy Living Starts With You

Every aspect of our daily lives is dependent on a healthy, active and adaptive immune system. Biopron® has set out to accomplish that task with the utmost efficiency through science-backed clinical studies, technologically advanced delivery systems, and research.


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The Bacteria Battle

Bacteria in the gut reproduce automatically in a healthy organism. All they need are suitable conditions and a sufficiency of prebiotics (substances serving as food for probiotics). At present, however, it very often happens that the conditions for a healthy and balanced reproduction of the gut are insufficient, thus increasing the frequent occurrence of health issues resulting from intestinal bacteria imbalance (stress, overuse of medication, use of antibiotics etc.).

Our Mission

The main goal of Biopron is providing the world with the highest possible quality of herbal medicines and natural remedies. We are always working to create the best products for you.

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